Our Portfolio


This Website Development firm needed help for a local judge and his campaign website and help for a university credit matching program.


This payment gateway, used majorly by The Cleveland Clinic, required help adding support for international clients for some of their payment processing. Bouncefirst was able to make sure that many more countries are now supported.


This large Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company needed to get an employee training website/directory finished up quickly over the holidays and Bouncefirst made sure it was completed in time.

inVentiv Health

A Xerox Company that had core team members leave with only a couple months left to deliver the final website. Bouncefirst took up the reins and met their deadlines even with no prior knowledge and experience of their custom Symfony platform.

Northwest State Community College

NSCC's iStar Program needed some adjustments to their web application that helps Ohio citizens get training/schooling and jobs afterwards. Bouncefirst's work saved them hundreds of hours manually inputting data to send to the government.

InfoStream Solutions

This large and local Website Development Firm needed new ways of analyzing their clients payments and resources in order to better optimize them.

Stanford University

Stanford has many Graduate Colleges that required a single solution. Bouncefirst was able to set up a WordPress multi-site solution that enables them to administer their sites either globally or down to the department level.


Thrive provides Downtime Collection Solutions for their clients and needed a custom panel to show live data to all their customers. Their customers now get real-time data and alerts to how well their manufacturing is doing.

Freight Rite

A Freight Shipping company that needed work with their backend application that manages their drivers. When this application had locked up and actually halted work for a chunk of their employees, Bouncefirst immediately resolved the issue for them.

National Exchange Club

This nonprofit needed updates to its management platform that was years old. Bouncefirst was able to work through that and finish the changes needed.


This consulting firm required some work with their internal tools that they use for many of their clients, including nearly 15 of the Fortune Top 20 companies.

Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation

This nonprofit organization has a proprietary algorithm that helps maximize organ recipient usage among patients in order to help more people get more matched organs. They needed to wrap their technology in web platform interface

CHWC Hospital

These community hospitals needed an updated website and payment page. Bouncefirst helped migrate to PCI compliant servers and migrate data without any loss of service.

Riders Unlimited

This non-profit needed a new website and easier way to manage and update it.

Hacker Fund

This registered non-profit needed a new website and also the ability to accept and categorize bank transfer donations.

Shinsuikan Dojo

This local martial arts school wanted a fresh website where they could display password protected content and media.


This open source project was looking for additional help with some new features for their freely distributed game server hosting management panel.

SD Bullion

Silver Doctors required updates to their websites and backend systems to completely automate their trading platform. Bouncefirst completed all the changes very quickly and was able to deliver professional code that worked with their 2 million monthly visitors.

St Augustine Wild Reserve

This nonprofit was looking to update their website so that their growing staff of volunteers can more easily manage it and spend less time updating it too.


This lead generation company required assitance with lots of internal and external facing applications and issues. This included writing and rewriting many web application components.